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Brother Robert Burns Day

Brother Robert Burns
(1759 – 1796)

Robert Burns day is the day when Scottish, Masonic, and people everywhere celebrate the life, poems, and songs of the great Scottish poet, Robert Burns. In 1801 nine of Burns’ closest friends (most likely Masons) gathered to honor the fifth anniversary of his death. While it is not a Masonic tradition, just as Masonic traditions never change, Burns night is celebrated exactly the same way it was that first night. If you wish to celebrate you will need to follow this guide.

May the best you’ve ever seen
Be the worst you’ll ever see;
May a moose ne’er leave yer girnal
Wi’ a teardrop in his e’e.
May ye aye keep hale and hearty
Till ye’re auld enough tae dee,
May ye aye be just as happy
As I wish ye aye tae be.

Our Brother was Initiated an Entered Apprentice on July 4, 1781 in St. David Tarbolton Lodge. Soon after his initiation Brother Burns passed to the degree of Fellowcraft and raised to the Degree of Master Mason on October 1, 1781. Further information can be found at

Masonic Song
Robert Burns - 1786
 Tune: Shawn-boy," or "Over the water to Charlie. 

Ye sons of old Killie, assembled by Willie,
To follow the noble vocation;
Your thrifty old mother has scarce such another
To sit in that honoured station.
I've little to say, but only to pray,
As praying's the ton of your fashion;
A prayer from thee Muse you well may excuse
'Tis seldom her favourite passion.

Ye powers who preside o'er the wind, and the tide,
Who marked each element's border;
Who formed this frame with beneficent aim,
Whose sovereign statute is order:-
Within this dear mansion, may wayward Contention
Or withered Envy ne'er enter;
May secrecy round be the mystical bound,
And brotherly Love be the centre!

DOUGIE MacLEAN ~ Ae Fond Kiss ~ Robert Burns

Dougie MacLean is another great Scottish singer/musician. It is an obvious fit for him to sing one of Brother Burns’ songs.

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Lodge Lights In Snow

Blazing Star In Snow
Blazing Star Lodge #694 F&AM – Courtesy of Aurora Town Historian
Photographer Unknown

Since 1869 our Brethren traveled through all kinds of weather to celebrate our Fraternity with time-honored traditions. We continue the tradition of traveling through any weather to gather together in unity still today. These lights shine brightly on our front doorway, as they have since 1907, lighting the way for our Brothers and welcoming new men of all backgrounds. The influence of Freemasonry in our lives helps us be better husbands and fathers, better businessmen, and better citizens. We always seek the Truth, delight in the company of our Brothers, and answer the call of those in need.

Are you interested in finding out more about Freemasonry?  Please Knock on our door to learn more.

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