The Corner Stone

We are witnessing Masonic and American history unfolding.  This time capsule originally placed by Brothers Samuel Adams, Paul Revere, and William Scollay in the ground beneath the cornerstone of the new Sate House on Beacon Hill was opened Tuesday January 6, 2015.  Contents include; five newspapers, 23 coins with the oldest being from 1652, a medal of Brother George Washington, a replica of Colonial records, and a silver plate commemorating the building of the new State House (photo below).  “Historical accounts say the corner-stone was escorted on a truck decorated with ribbons through the streets of Boston Massachusetts by 15 white horses each with a leader with military guard of “independent Fusiliers”. [Paul Revere, the torch bearer of the revolution – Belle Moses]

The Corner Stone
Photo credit – Jessica Rinaldi / Globe Starr

“This Corner Stone of a Building,
intended for the use of the Legislative
and Executive Branches of Government
of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
was laid by
His Excellency, Samuel Adams, Esq.,
Governor of said Commonwealth
Assisted by the Most Worshipful Paul Revere
Grand Master,
and the Right Worshipful William Scollay,
Deputy Grand Master,
The Grand Wardens and Brethren of the
Grand Lodges of Masons
on the Fourth Day of July An. Dom. 1795. A.L. 5795
Being the XXth Anniversary of
American Independence.”
– Inscription on the time capsule, Additional found in Paul Revere, the torch bearer of the revolution.

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