October 27, 2020 Communication

Our last communication on October 27, 2020, was very informative. Even without an actual program, the Brothers pulled together for some good Masonic teachings. First off was Bro. Paterek with the Masonic Minute (we should find a new title for that). Brother Paterek read an original paper relating the stages of Halloween to each of the Masonic Degrees. You can read it below this post. We attended to some needed business before our SW Bro. Snyder put on a presentation of symbols and how they connect heaven and earth, God and us. If you are not at Lodge you are missing out on some fine Masonic education.

Fellowcraft TV Raffle:  The members of the Fellowcraft club arranged a TV Raffle.  You can win an RCA 55″ 4K, Ultra HD (2160P) HDR Roku Smart LED TV  Tickets can be purchased for $2.00 each or three for $5.00.  The drawing will be held on January 30, 2021, plenty of time to get it set up for the Superbowl!  Please contact W:. Markus for further details or to purchase tickets. info@blazingstarlodge694.com

W:. Capron brought up the idea that since we can not actually give the password in Lodge due to the current COVID restrictions, from now on a couple of canned goods or non-perishable food items will be required in lieu of the password to be admitted into Lodge. As part of our community involvement, we will be collecting these items for our local food banks. It is a small way we can give back, and also pay it forward. With the Holidays coming this can help make someone’s Thanksgiving a real giving of thanks. But with that said we will continue it thru this Masonic year, donating for Christmas and Easter. It can be re-evaluated next year by the Master and stopped or modified to go with the current social/covid conditions and restrictions. It is positive for our Lodge and our communities. So remember this is the way to be admitted into Lodge as a symbolic “password”.

This outstanding idea is one wherein one evening we can literally donate enough food for several families to have several meals.  Just another way we are helping our community.  W:. Capron is requesting that this practice continues through the end of his term but we sincerely hope it will become a Blazing Star Tradition that lasts long into the future.

Are you interested in Freemasonry?  Contact us to learn more.

A Masonic Halloween
By: Bro. Todd M. Paterek

The connection between Halloween and Freemasonry is not very distinct.  On the surface why would we want to associate a child’s holiday filled with skeletons, ghosts, and candy with such a distinguished fraternity?  Stay with me and I will try to explain.   I can still remember the smell of the hard-plastic masks and plastic costumes we all had the pleasure of wearing.  They were easy and got the job done.  We could put them on and harvest a huge crop of candy.  Honestly, I had far more fun building my costumes with my parents.  Always a little too close to October 31.  I didn’t acquire any more candy but the satisfaction of building a costume with my own hands was far better than the quick and easy Woolworth’s costumes.   Add some apple cider and donuts as a staple and it kept our energy at a maximum.  One year I was Dracula, complete with a coffin that opened and closed plus bats flying above me (I got second place at the Fork’s Fire Hall Halloween parade).  It did not matter that I won or only came in second place (I was much better than that pumpkin daughter of the chief!); I got my candy.   The exuberance of youth was on my side! 

“for there, the Lord commanded the blessing, even life forevermore.”  

As I grew older and began to raise my own family the holiday changed for me.  I passed from the carefree younger days running around gathering as much candy as possible that I expected to last forever, to the parent overseeing my children as they did the same enthusiastic, carefree search for more candy I did in my youth.  Being older now I am responsible to guide and teach my children through the night’s festivities.  I must temper their passions from time to time, but I like to let them have as much fun as possible because as we all know, it ends all too quickly. 

“Behold, I will set a plumbline in the midst of my people”  

My children are growing up and some are already too old to trick or treat.  The night is beginning to take on another meaning.  Skeletons and ghosts will soon be my fate.  Nobody is immune to the icy touch of the Grim Reaper (which was another costume I made with my parents).  I am reminded of a Masonic quote that is universally used throughout the world; “Memento Mori” which literally translated from Latin means; “Remember that you die”.  However, reflecting on the meaning I want to propose a deeper meaning.  Yes, we all will one day die that is painfully true but because of that fact, we must also remember to live.  People say “you only live once” but that is not true, you only die once but you live every day.  Halloween is a celebration of the life you are living because you are not yet dead.  However, when your time comes near and you look back on your life, ask yourself these questions.  Did you enjoy it as much as possible?  Did you help others enjoy their lives as much as possible?  Will you be proud of the man you became because of the legacy you left behind?  One day you too will look like him.  Just like every other human on this planet that ever was or will be.  However, your actions now as you live should have lasting positive influences that are remembered long after you put down your working tools.   

“Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth, while the evil days come not”  

We are all still young, while we have a breath to breathe, we are children with all the excitement and anticipation of any child running house to house gathering candy.  We may not gather candy anymore; our grinder may not be as sharp.  However, maybe it is the sweet taste of Fellowship, the satisfaction of fundraising for the less fortunate, or possibly the addicting pursuit of knowledge and more Light.  Now is the time Brothers while you still have breath because one day your bones could be up here while another gives a speech.   

“Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it.”