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(Updated May 6, 2021)

Our official year is coming to a close but Masonry never stops. We have a couple of old traditional meetings coming up to close out the year and we plan to keep the Fellowship, Masonry, and Charity moving all summer. We are excited to have some new candidates joining us soon. If all goes well we will have five or six new Brothers before summer. It is an exciting time to be part of Blazing Star Masonry!

If you are interested in Freemasonry in East Aurora, NY, and want to help those in need, contribute to the community, and become part of a worldwide fraternity, please feel free to contact us for an in-person or Zoom meeting to learn more.

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“New” Password

Due to Covid restrictions, we no longer can exchange grips or passwords. The WM, therefore, asks that we bring in a non-perishable item for donation to FISH of EA.

W:. Capron’s PM Apron

Our last communication on April 27, 2021, was another evening to remember. Bro. Paterek shared some thoughts on Masonry and we had great participation in Lodge discussions.

Three More Meeting

Our next two meetings are the Balloting and Election of Officers on May 11th, followed by the Installation of Officers on May 25th. We close out the Masonic year with Olde Timers’ BBQ and Awards night on June 8th. It is always a fun evening!

Blazing Star Lodge #694 F&AM – East Aurora

Blazing Star Lodge #694 F&AM
Blazing Star Lodge – East Aurora, NY

Proud yet unassuming and slightly hidden behind some old-growth trees, the Blazing Star Masonic Lodge stands as a permanent fixture in East Aurora, New York.  It overlooks the town with a protective eye ensuring all who pass are good and upright citizens.  We like to think that the presence of the Lodge in our town sets a stage of history, pride, and Brotherly love among the members of the Lodge and the citizens of the town.

As part of the East Aurora, New York community since 1869 (Current Charter – Blazing Star began as #294 in 1818 but the Morgan Affair forced it to close, more on that another time.), the Blazing Star Masonic Lodge actively seeks ways to contribute to the success of our neighbors.  We do this by supporting little league baseball, FISH of East Aurora, The Rural Outreach Center, and Scholarships to graduating seniors at Iroquois High School and East Aurora High School.  Most recently the formation of Brother Of The Bread lead by Brother Andrew Egressy.  We are interested in our community and the people who call East Aurora, New York home.  

Our members meet in the Lodge every second and fourth Tuesday of each month September through June.  Dinners begin at 6:30 pm with communications starting promptly at 7:30 pm.  If you are interested please do not hesitate to knock on our door, virtually or literally, before 7:30 pm, and join us for dinner.  We encourage social discussions before and after official communications are complete.

Blazing Star Lodge East Aurora, NY
Blazing Star Lodge – East Aurora, NY
Blazing Star Lodge – East Aurora, NY 1920s

Since 1906 our Lodge stands as a building of humble men striving to better themselves and in-turn make the world a better place.  This is what we do.  We would love to talk to you more about Freemasonry please contact us anytime.

We are not affiliated with any of these Podcasts but they are so informative we wanted to provide a way for our visitors to learn from their content.

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