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Blazing Star Lodge #694 F&AM

Blazing Star Lodge

Blazing Star Lodge – East Aurora, NY.

Standing proud yet unassuming and slightly hidden behind some old growth trees, the East Aurora Masonic Lodge stands as a permanent fixture in East Aurora, New York.  It overlooks the town with a protective eye ensuring all who pass are good and upright citizens.  We like to think that the presence of the Lodge in our town sets a stage of history, pride, and brotherly love among the members of the Lodge and the citizens of the town.

As part of the East Aurora, New York community for since 1869 (Current Charter), the Blazing Star Masonic Lodge actively seeks ways to contribute to the success of our neighbors.  We do this by supporting little league baseball, FISH of East Aurora and Scholarships to graduating seniors at Iroquois High School and East Aurora High School.  Most recently the formation of Brother Of The Bread lead by Brother Andrew Egressy.  We are interested in our community and the people who call East Aurora home.  Since the 1800’s our Lodge stood as a building of humble men striving to better themselves and in-turn make the world a better place.  This is what we do.  We would love to talk to you more about Freemasonry please contact us anytime.

Our members meet in the Lodge every second and fourth Tuesday of each month September through June.  Dinners begin at 6:30 pm with communications starting promptly at 7:30 pm.  We encourage social discussions after official communications are complete.

Lodge Night – November 13, 2018

Tonight’s Communication
.: Tuesday, November 13, 2018 :.


We had a good and informative communication October 23, 2018. The R:.W:. DiNatalie spoke to us about the Masonic Care Community, the MMRI, and the NorthStar Project.  We are going to try to schedule a NorthStar class in the future as it is a program to help with membership. We read a petition in Lodge. It was the first one that had a background check attached. So we are Guarding the West Gate. It was presented to the investigating committee. We had an update on Bro. Janesko. and the night, in general, was filled with fellowship and Masonic information and teaching.

I want to thank Bro. Paterek for filling in as chaplain while Bro. Janesko recovers.

Our next communication will be the Second Degree. It promises to be a good night as our two current Fellowcraft Brothers will be assisting as they bring their Brother to more light in Masonry. As always we can use everyone there when the Brother is brought to light.

I will see everyone on Tuesday, November 13, 2018,

W:. Capron

Dinner is at 6:30 pm as usual and we open Lodge promptly at 7:30 pm. Come on out and have some fellowship and knowledge sharing with your Brothers.

Amity Meeting Code: YCUKLM

Are you interested in Freemasonry?  Contact us to learn more.

Lodge Night – October 23, 2018

Tonight’s Communication 
.: Tuesday, October 23, 2018 :.

Our communication on 10/9 was informative.  Our newest Fellowcrafts have some good initiatives for fundraising. They also are going to chair the committee for the 150th re-dedication of Blazing Star #694. They are very interested in Masonry and are willing to help out the Lodge and be involved which is great. We balloted on an affiliation. Additionally, we had a visitor for dinner that went away with a Petition for membership.  From what I hear he is coming back tonight with his completed petition.  This lends perfectly to tonight’s presentation of the NorthStar Project.

We learned that Brother Janeczko had a stroke and is currently on the mend.  He is healthy and healing quickly.  Unfortunately, it will be a long road to recovery. Please keep our Chaplain in your thoughts and prayers as he recovers. Brother Janeczko has been there leading us in prayer for years, we pray for his speedy recovery and return to the Lodge.

I put a call out for any Brother who wanted to try to fill Brother Janeczko large shoes and Brother Paterek committed to stepping in as our interim Chaplain until Brother Janeczko returns.


I am appealing to all officers (Sr. and Jr. masters of ceremonies up to myself) to set the day aside and attend the Grand Lecturers convention. I will announce a date when I have it, but it will be in January. It is time for Blazing Star to get another Potts award. I know being away from the city we don’t get the recognition we deserve. This is one way to let the county know we are still here and thriving.

At tonight’s communication, R: W: Dan DiNatalie will be our guest speaker. He will be doing a presentation on the North Star Project which is a tool to help introduce new candidates to Masonry. It is a program that has a benefit for masonry as a whole and everyone should be engaged in. Growing our fraternity with good men is the only way we will survive into the future.

Dinner is at 6:30 pm as usual and we open at Lodge promptly at 7:30 pm. Come on out and have some fellowship and knowledge sharing with your Brothers.

Amity Meeting Code: 3WH1WC

Are you interested in Freemasonry?  Contact us to learn more.

Lodge Night – October 9, 2018

Tonight’s Communication
.: Tuesday, October 9, 2018 :.

It’s Lodge Night!!! Starting at 6:30 pm enjoy Fellowship and a tasty dinner provided by our Junior Warden. With full hearts and full stomachs we open Lodge promptly at 7:30 pm. Tonight we are welcoming Brother Robert Drzewucki who will talk about The Masonic Care Community followed by an open discussion on Masonry today. Rounding out the evening we have balloting on a petition for affiliation. Please come out and practice your right and obligation by voting on the ballot. We may even get to meet a potential new candidate.

“The members of a particular Lodge are the best judges of it; and because, if a turbulent member should be imposed on them, it might spoil their harmony or hinder the freedom of their communication, or even break up and disperse the Lodge, which ought to be avoided by all true and faithful” (http://www.masonicdictionary.com/ballot.html).


Amity Meeting Code: X60RVS

Are you interested in Freemasonry?  Contact us to learn more.