Past Masters

W:. James Andruczyk

2015 – 2017

WM James AndruczykAs a life-long resident of Orchard Park, New York Brother Andruczyk is a proud husband to Rachel Andruczyk and a loving father to three wonderful children.  A graduate of Orchard Park High School and a distinguished graduate of Canisius College.  W:. Andruczyk is now employed by East Aurora company Astronics Luminescent Systems Inc., an Aerospace Manufacturer.  While not active in the lodge or numerous Lean Accounting and Manufacturing groups, Brother Andruczyk volunteers at with the local youth soccer teams and Boy Scouts.

Supporting WM:. James Andruczyk in the 2015 – 2016 year are the following Officers:

2016 – 2017 Lodge Officers

Senior Warden: Bro. Glenn Capron
Junior Warden: W:. Russell J. Barber
Treasurer: Bro. David W. Thomason
Secretary: W:. David T. Breth
Chaplin: Bro. Maurice T. Janeczko
Senior Deacon: Bro. Todd M. Paterek
Junior Deacon: Bro. Michael Weiss
Senior Master of Ceremonies: Bro. Kirk L. Rhodes
Junior Master of Ceremonies: Bro. Andrew S. Egressy
Marshall: Bro. Rob Meckes
Senior Stewart: Bro. Ronald C. Straitiff
Junior Stewart: Bro. James K. Scotland
Tiler: Bro. John Woods

2015 – 2016 Lodge Officers

SW – W:. Russell J. Barber
JW – Bro. Glenn S. Capron
Treasurer – Bro. Dave Thomason
Secretary – W:. David T. Breth
Chaplin – Bro. Maurice T. Janeczko
SD – Bro. Todd Paterek
JD – Bro. Michael Weiss
SMC – Bro. Kirk Rhodes
JMC – Bro. Mike Thomas
Steward – Bro. Ron Straitiff
Steward – Bro. Steven Jaworski
Marshall – Bro. Jim Scotland
Tyler – Bro. Matt Creps

1 year – Bro. John Evans
2 year – W:. George Sleeper
3 year – W:. Dave F. Cammarano
4 year – W:. Richard G. Mann
5 year – W:. John Markuse Jr

W:. John Markuse

W:. John Markuse
W:. John Markuse

Elected for the second year Worshipful Master John Markuse is taking the seat in the East leading our Lodge into the 2014 – 2015 year.  W:. Markuse served Freemasonry and our Lodge well in the 2013 – 2014 year.  His contributions in the East included overseeing a highly successful fundraising year and raising of several new well-qualified Brothers.  W:. Markuse has several plans in the works for the coming Masonic year.  Please visit often to see the latest posts of upcoming events.


2014 – 2015 Lodge Officers:

Senior Warden ——————– Bro. Jim Andruzcyk
Junior Warden ——————– W:. Russell J. Barber
Treasurer ————————– Bro. Dave Thomason
Secretary ————————– W:. David T. Breth
Chaplain ————————— Bro. Maurice T. Janeczko
Senior Deacon ——————— Bro. Mike Walsh
Junior Deacon ———————— Bro. Glenn S. Capron
Senior Master of Ceremony —— Bro. Kirk Rhodes
Junior Master of Ceremony —— Bro. Mike Thomas
Senior Steward —————————- Bro. Ronald C. Straitiff
Junior Steward —————————- Bro. John Woods
Marshall ————————— Bro. James K. Scotland
Tiler ——————————– Bro. Todd Paterek

W:. David Breth

2010 – 2013
W:. David Breth
W:. David Breth

My name is David Breth, and I am the current Master of Blazing Star Lodge No. 694. I’d like to take this opportunity to share a few things about our Lodge and Masonry.

Blazing Star No. 694 received its charter in 1869, since then we’ve been a fixture in East Aurora, NY for over 140 years. Our Lodge building was built in the early 1900’s, and was paid for by the membership of that era, through a mortgage that was paid off in the 1920’s.

Our building is quite unique, in that it is one of the only Lodge buildings you will ever see that was actually built as a Masonic Lodge. Many Lodges struggle for space to perform the work of the Lodge, but not Blazing Star. We’ve also spent resources of time and money on improving our kitchen and the appearance of the building. it is a great facility for our Lodge and the other Masonic bodies that meet there.

But the quality of a Lodge isn’t brick and mortar. It is in the gentlemen who comprise the membership. I made Blazing Star my home Lodge when I became a Mason in 2007 because I felt the instant friendship of the men of the Lodge.

Masonry is difficult to describe. We learn life lessons from the rituals we perform as new brothers go through their degree work. We enjoy each others fellowship whenever we meet. We enjoy performing the work that supports our community efforts. In my experience, each of these things go hand-in-hand, and make my association with Blazing Star Lodge something I would not want to do without.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, feel free to contact us. You have my word, as Master of a Masonic Lodge, that:

1) You will not be pressured to join a Lodge merely because you asked a question. Your phone will not ring off the hook with recruiting efforts. Each man must make the decision to petition a Lodge by himself. Any of our members will gladly speak with you about it, but the decision rests entirely with you.

2) There is no hazing or humiliation associated with joining a Lodge or becoming a Mason. That is not who we are, what we do, or what we stand for.

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