Current Worshipful Master Of Blazing Star Lodge

W:. Todd M. Paterek

2022 – 2023

Brother Paterek was born and raised in Western New York. A happy husband and a proud father. Most of his children are following in his footsteps attending and already graduating from Saint Mary’s High School in Lancaster. Brother Paterek’s love for learning started early having graduated from SUNY Colledge at Buffalo with a degree in GeoSciences, a minor in Environmental Sciences, and additional degrees in Geology, Philosophy, and Photography. After graduation Brother Paterek pursued a career in Information Technology and currently works as the IT Director for Worldwide Protective Products in Hamburg, New York.

Brother Paterek spends every week picking up and dropping off bread for Brothers of the Bread. He is always looking for new ways to bridge the gap between food manufacturers and food pantries. Brother Paterek is also the Education Officer, NorthStar Success Coach, Widows & Orphans Chair, and is on the Investigation Committee, editor of The Blazing Star Light, webmaster, and Social Media Coordinator. In addition to his obligations to Blazing Star Lodge, he is also the Social Media Coordinator for Craftsmen Online.

Supporting W:. Todd M. Paterek in the 2022-2023 year is the following Officers:

Senior Warden: Wor. James Andruczyk
Junior Warden: Bro. Aaron L. Layman
Senior Deacon: Bro. Timothy J. Mott
Junior Deacon: Bro. Mark Bostoph
Secretary: Wor. David T. Breth
Treasurer: Bro. David W. Thomason
Senior Master of Ceremonies: Bro. Luke E. Wochensky
Junior Master of Ceremonies: Bro. D. Axel Neff
Senior Steward: Bro. Andrew Egressy
Junior Steward: Bro. Ronald Straitiff
Chaplain: Bro. Maurice T. Janeczko
Marshal: Bro. James K. Scotland
Tiler: Bro. John Evans DSA


1-Year Trustee: Wor. Glenn Scott Capron
2-Year Trustee: Wor. John Marcus, Jr., DSA
3-Year Trustee: Bro. Richard R. Mix

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