Annual York Rite Picnic

My family and I had the opportunity to attend W:. Barber’s annual York Rite Picnic for the first time this past weekend.  We had a wonderful time!  Of course fraternization with other Brothers and their families was the primary pleasure of the day.  Additionally, the activities available for my children made it seem like a day at Disney.   They swam in the giant pool, we walked down to the creek (we had another event to get to later in the day so we couldn’t do the creek walk to the waterfalls – that is a guarantee in itself that we will be back to do in the future), they also enjoyed the basket raffle and the food (I think we need to apologize to the other guests who may not have had the chance to enjoy the raspberry chip dip – from what I saw we consumed more than our share of that).  And then we were given a private tour of the house, which we all appreciated.

Thank you Russ and Donna, we felt you spent more time with us than you could afford to with so many other guests you were attending to.  We all had a great time, you can expect us back, whether you want us or not.

For anyone who has not found their way to this picnic in the past, put it on this year’s calendar as soon as the date is set!