Brother Bring A Friend


Our last communication was a First Degree. Bro. Snyder did a fantastic job of arranging and conferring the degree. He will make a fine Master in the years to come.

Our next communication will be January 14, 2020, and is the Brother bring a friend night. If you know of any worthy gentlemen who would be a good fit in Masonry invite him/them along. We will also try a few games after the meeting. Maybe left/right/center, cards, and I may bring the corn hole boards and we can further discuss challenging other Lodges to a tournament.

I hope the New Year is safe, joyous, prosperous, and filled with only the best. My Brothers, look to the future, goodbye to 2019 and hello to 2020 and a new decade. May there be more Light!!!

Respectfully and fraternally,
W:. Glenn

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Calling All Masons for EA Degree

Entered Apprentice Degree

Calling all Blazing Star Brothers, Erie District Brothers, Traveling Brothers, Brother all within a reasonable distance of East Aurora, NY! You are invited this Tuesday, February 26, 2019, at 6:30 pm for a delicious dinner and fellowship followed by 7:30 pm Lodge opening and The Entered Apprentice Degree for our candidate. This good man sought out the Fraternity in search of Truth, Brotherly Love, and Relief. He is a proven man who is worthy and deserving of the First Degree. We as Freemasons will welcome him into the Fraternity and forevermore consider him our Brother. Please join us this joyous evening and help us welcome him to Light.

We have several Brothers willing to pick up anyone who is unable to drive, does not have a ride, or simply wants to share a pleasant drive with a Brother. Please Contact Us to make arrangements for a ride, for directions, or to give us a heads up for dinner and refreshments.

Masonic Dress Required – Officers in Tuxes (if you have them otherwise dark suite) and all Brothers in suites. If you are traveling we will make an exception.
Dinner and Fellowship starts at 6:30 pm
Lodge opens promptly at 7:30 pm
After the degree and Lodge, we will enjoy more Fellowship

Amity Meeting Code: CNBKVU
Are you interested in Freemasonry?  Contact us to learn more.