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From The East – October 24th Communication


If you missed our last communication then you also missed the opportunity to help raise and welcome two new Brothers into the craft. It was a good night. We had Brothers from Mount Vernon Lodge assist. We also handed out two more petitions for affiliation which has the possibility of bringing new Brothers from other Lodges into this fine institution of ours.

The dues committee did meet this past Tuesday 10/17 – more to come from that in the near future.

The next communication will have a ballot on f petitions. Three new and one affiliation. The guest speaker had a confusion on dates so he may or may not be there. If you have never heard or seen R:.W:. Kuther present it is a good experience. Even if he can’t make it, he will be rescheduled, the Lodge always had room for you, my Brothers. We all “solemnly and sincerely Promised and swore to our obligations”. Masonry isn’t just a thing, it is our way of life. Become recommitted and involve your self in your Lodge. Make new friends and reacquaint with old ones.

Respectfully and Fraternally,

W:. Capron

The Third Degree – October 10, 2017


This Tuesday, October 10, 2017, we are having a Third Degree. We will Raise and welcome two new Brothers into the Craft. It is definitely an all hands on deck as there are many parts to play and be filled. W:. Barber has invited brothers from Mount Vernon Lodge to assist. It would be good for them to see as many proud Masons as possible around them as they are brought to light.  Visiting Brothers are also welcome to join us, invite a Brother or two.  Dinner is at 6:30 pm with Lodge opening at 7:30 pm sharp.

See everyone Tuesday.

W:. Capron

If you need a ride please contact the Lodge we will be happy to pick you up and have you home safely.

Are you interested in Freemasonry?  Contact us to learn more.

From The East – September 26th Communication

From The East – September 26, 2017 Communication


The last communication was a good one as it was the DDGM’s annual visitation. He brought word from the M:.W:. Jeffery Williamson Grand Master of Masons Of New York State. He also had the traveling team with him who spoke about their specific causes.

DDGM Visit

It was our first session since June, and yes the master (me) made a few ritual errors. But we were evaluated on our opening and closing rituals and deemed competent always moving towards improvement. Thanks to all the brothers who attended the evening.

Our next communication is Tuesday, September. 26 2017. As usual, dinner is at 6:30 pm with Lodge opening at 7:30 pm and normal Lodge attire. We have a few things to go over, a petition for affiliation, and I should have at least one if not two petitions for membership in hand. W:. Breth is also putting on a program so the evening should be one not to miss.

Come on out and support your lodge. Meet new brothers and catch up with friends.

Hope to see you there,
W:. Capron