Erie District Family Picnic

Erie District Family Picnic
August 4, 2018

W:. Capron having a good time.

The Erie district of Masonic Lodges sponsored the first annual family picnic.  This was an outstanding opportunity to get out and meet our fellow Erie District brothers.  Erie Masons and their families enjoyed a day of sun, BBQ (courtesy of our very own Bro. Andy Egressy), games, a bounce house, live music by Myron Deputat and his friend Denis Kitchen, and general good times and Fellowship spent with good men and their families. Brothers made new connections and Brotherhood prevailed.  It was truly a great feeling being among so many friendly people.  About 100 people attended the picnic with all Erie District Lodges represented.  Next year we hope to double the attendance.  All extra food was donated to the VFW Post #9249.


Bro. Egressy supplied his monster home-built BBQ which quickly cooked up hot dogs, hamburgers, and chicken shish kebab.  The grill/smoker can cook numerous burgers and dogs, several chickens on a rotisserie, and even a whole pig.  Bro. Egressy wants to make this BBQ available to all Masonic Lodges to help with their events.  Anyone interested please contact us for details.

Ready To Grill

Not Quite Full

Grill In Action

Bro Andy Resting

65 Years of Service

65 Years of Service – Thank you, Brother Richard Welker.  


Our current Worshipful Master and Brother John Evans visited with Brother Richard Welker to present him with a certificate and pin to congratulate him on 65 years of service to Masonry.

Brother Welker joined Masonry in 1953 at the age of 25.  Our Brother was Raised at Transportation Lodge #0842 where he spent most of his time in the Quarry.  In 1990 he associated with Blazing Star #694 where he continues his work.

Brother Welker also celebrated his 91st birthday this July.  Thank you for your years of service Brother and Happy Birthday!

Old Timers’ Night 2018

“Barn Lodge” / Old Timers’ Night and Awards for 2018

As in years past, our “Barn Lodge” / Old Timers’ Night was a huge success.  This is our final Lodge meeting for the year.  We gather outside or in a secure building like a barn. This year we all met at the East Aurora Fireman’s park tucked way in the middle of East Aurora and surrounded by sinking ponds.  We keep this meeting casual in honor and memory of the Brethren who helped to shape the rural, farming town of East Aurora and the surrounding areas, plus it gets hot!

Several Brothers shared in the fellowship and Brotherhood.  Some old faces we haven’t seen in quite some time returned for the festivities.  We gave out a 25, 50, 60 and 65 years of service awards.  Some Brothers could not make it because of last-minute obligations or health.  We miss them dearly and hope to see them soon. However, two of our Entered Apprentices joined the fun. They are scheduled to be Raised next year.  Keep an eye on this website or Facebook page for updates to help bring our newest Brothers more light.  

Brother Andy received an Excellence in Community Service award for starting and growing the Brother of the Bread program which collects non-perishable foods from manufacturers and delivers them to food pantries from Niagara Falls to Syracuse.  This program is grown quickly with the help of Lodges from several districts.  We hope to spread this program across New York State and further if possible.  For more information please see the Brothers of the Bread webpage or Facebook Page.

After Lodge, we all enjoyed some hot dogs and meatballs prepared by Brother John.  He even pulled out the secret baked beans recipe for the occasion.  Yes, we do have secrets.  After dinner Brother Dave announced the lucky winners in our raffle and by then everyone was ready for a well-deserved rest.  

We parted in the usual way, better men for being brought together and ready to continue our work through the summer months. The Lodge is going “dark” for the summer but you can always find a Mason in the community.