Current Worshipful Master Of Blazing Star Lodge

W:. Todd M. Paterek

2022 – 2025

Born and raised in the heart of Western New York, Brother Paterek’s journey is a testament to his devotion to family, community, and education. As a happy husband and a devoted father, he finds his greatest joy in guiding his children’s paths, many of whom have followed in his footsteps by attending and graduating from the esteemed Saint Mary’s High School in Lancaster.

Brother Paterek’s insatiable love for learning ignited in his formative years, and it’s a fire that continues to burn brightly. A distinguished alumnus of SUNY College at Buffalo, he emerged with a rich tapestry of knowledge, holding a degree in GeoSciences, complemented by a minor in Environmental Sciences. His intellectual appetite led him to master additional disciplines, including Geology & paleontology, Philosophy, World Religions, and Photography.

After completing his academic pursuits, Brother Paterek set out on a dynamic career trajectory. With an unwavering enthusiasm for Information Technology, he now steers the technological endeavors of Worldwide Protective Products in Hamburg, New York, as their IT Director.

However, his involvement extends beyond the confines of his professional role. A champion of humanitarian causes, Brother Paterek dedicates a significant portion of his time to Brothers of the Bread, a charitable initiative. Each week, he diligently coordinates the collection and distribution of bread, forging connections between food manufacturers and food pantries to alleviate hunger.

Brother Paterek’s commitment to fostering positive change is multifaceted. Within the realm of Freemasonry, he takes on multiple roles, contributing extensively to the Blazing Star Lodge. As Education Officer, NorthStar Success Coach, and Widows & Orphans Chair, he nurtures growth and support within the Masonic community. Moreover, his role on the Investigation Committee, coupled with his editorship of The Blazing Star Light and webmaster duties, showcases his dedication to communication and organizational excellence.

Beyond the Lodge, Brother Paterek continues to make a mark in the digital realm. He holds the reins as Social Media Coordinator for both Craftsmen Online and Blazing Star Lodge, intertwining the virtual world with his passion for meaningful connections.

Brother Paterek’s narrative is a symphony of learning, compassion, and leadership. His journey exemplifies the harmonious blend of personal aspirations and community service, leaving an indelible impact on all fortunate enough to cross his path.

Supporting W:. Todd M. Paterek in the 2024-2025 years is the following Officers:

Senior Warden: Wor. James Andruczyk
Junior Warden: Bro. Timothy J. Mott
Senior Deacon: Bro. Mark Bostoph
Junior Deacon: Bro. Aaron L. Layman
Secretary: Wor. David T. Breth
Treasurer: Bro. David W. Thomason
Senior Master of Ceremonies: Bro. Luke E. Wochensky
Junior Master of Ceremonies: Bro. D. Axel Neff
Senior Steward: Bro. Andrew Egressy
Junior Steward: Bro. Ronald Straitiff
Chaplain: Bro. Maurice T. Janeczko
Marshal: Bro. James K. Scotland
Tiler: Bro. John Evans DSA


1-Year Trustee: Bro. Andrew Egressy
2-Year Trustee: Bro. Tom Beck
3-Year Trustee: Wor. John Marcus, Jr., DSA

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