St. Patrick’s Day Celebration

On the evening of March 14th, we were honored to welcome the DDGM to our Lodge, and it proved to be an enriching experience, brimming with stimulating conversation. Our discussions ranged from the origins of St. Patrick’s Day to the intricate nuances of the Masonic Ritual, and we were able to uncover several obscure but fascinating facts about Freemasonry. Adding to the evening’s festivities, WB Andruczyk prepared a delectable meal of corned beef and cabbage that tantalized the senses and brought everyone together in appreciation.

This occasion was a true embodiment of the tenets of Fellowship and learning that underpin our Masonic community, and we are grateful for the opportunity to have shared it together. It is through such gatherings that we can broaden our horizons and deepen our understanding of not only each other but also of the world around us, and we look forward to future opportunities to engage in similar exchanges of ideas and knowledge.

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