11/14 Communication R:.W:. Bradley’s Washington Presentation


What makes Masonry the best time-honored and most respected fraternal organization today as in the past? Our ritual and fundamental beliefs as men and Masons.

The Grand Lecturers Convention was held last night at Western Star Lodge in Lackawanna. R:.W:. Kessler put on an excellent presentation pertaining to the opening and closing of a lodge on either the first or second degree. When Lodges start using the North Star program it takes longer for Brothers to pass thru degrees as they need to prove proficiency. The idea behind the different openings/closings is to have our Entered Apprentices and Fellow Craft present for opening and closing rituals to engage them early on in their Masonic journey. Engaging them early and keeping them involved is one way to help our membership retention. This is a look into the future of Masonry. If nothing ever changes it usually just fades away.

The M:.W:. Gilbert spoke and said “It’s ok to visit the past once in a while, but you can’t live there. If you don’t look to the future and adapt you won’t succeed”. Masonry needs to evolve and adapt with the changing times.

The opening on the first or second degree is completely at the Master’s discretion. There are minor ritual changes. So officers be forewarned it may be a good idea to look it over, not saying we are going to do it at the same time not saying we will not.

Our next communication will consist of finance committee reports, which will move right along into our program of the night the R:.W:. Keuther giving us a Washington presentation. He will be in period dress as he puts on his program. I am sure it will be very informative and educational. R:.W:. Keuther is a very energetic and engaging speaker. For anyone who has not heard him speak before I would highly recommend being there, and for those who have you already know it will be a good time.

I am looking forward to an educational enjoyable evening. I hope to see as many as possible there. Recommit and become more involved. Our long-term Masons have so much knowledge and teaching they can offer to the next generation of Masons. We are not just Masons while we are at a communication or a function, or for an hour or a day, we are Masons for life.

W:. G.S. Capron

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