Attending Lodge, Most Worshipful, & “Open Mic”

Sometimes a Brother may not attend Lodge because he isn’t familiar with the signs or rituals, but this should never keep you out of the Lodge. I have made this statement before and I myself did a bad job with the opening of Lodge this past communication. But we also had a very special guest that I put to much pressure on myself to try and perform to the best of my abilities and that fell flat. But I am only human like all of us and kept going even though it would have been better to crawl under a rock and hide. LOL, I can even laugh at myself now. We go on! So never not attend, we help each other through it. 

At our last communication, we had the Most Worshipful Jeffery M. Williamson Grand Master of Masons in the State of New York (2016-2018).  He put on a compelling presentation. He spoke of his time as the Grand Master, he also broke down with excellent explanation the Master Mason bible verses of Ecclesiastes 12 verses 1-7. This is something we all should review and reflect upon as Masons. This was a communication that should have not been missed. Bro. Aaron received a commemorative 150th-anniversary coin from a Lodge in Michigan. They were impressed with his customer service to them during the super bowl, he works for Spectrum, and while they couldn’t get into a lot of details due to no way to perform a lawful inspection the conversation about Masonry, in general, was well-received between them. W:. Bro. Mann sat in the South, dusted off the ritual and did an amazing job as Jr. Warden.  And W:. Bro. Markus sat in the West. All senior Brothers are valuable resources to the Lodge and they are always a resource for wise council. Dinner of pork roast, roasted new potatoes, salad, and garlic rolls started the evening and was well received. My lady Betty put this on and she did a fantastic job. We ended the evening with a mixed berry pie.  

Grand Lodge is collecting model train paraphernalia, engines, cars, track, and anything model train related of any scale for the M:.W:. ‘s new initiative at the Masonic Care Community to be used by its residents and guests. If you have anything you would like to donate please either bring it by the lodge or contact me or the secretary and we will get it picked up. 

Our next communication is set for March 10, 2020, and is an “Open Mic” night. Any Brother with a subject they are passionate about, Masonic or not is invited to present this to the Lodge. Please keep presentations to 10 minutes unless only a few are presented then there would be more time if need be. Hope to see you there. A stranger is just a friend you haven’t met yet, so don’t be a stranger, be a friend and Brother. Come on out and hope to see all who can attend the next communication.

W:. Capron

Do you need a ride? We have Masons ready and willing to pick you up and take you home. Contact Us and we will make every effort to get you to Lodge and back home safely.

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