Memorial Night

Tuesday night, November 26, 2019, will be our Memorial Night at the Lodge to remember and honor those Brothers that have laid down the working tools this past year. These are the Brothers who ran the quarries before us and paved the way to keep masonry going so that we could carry on its great works. They should be honored and remembered with respect, and reverence. This is our way as Brothers to say goodbye until we meet again. 

This year we had only one Brother enter the Celestial Lodge Above.  Fredric B. Ridenour, Jr.  Our Brother Ridenour became a Mason in 1964.   He was Master in 1971, and when he put down the working tools in October, he did so with 55 years of grand service in The Craft.

Dinner is at 6:30 and we will open at 7:30 prompt. I am told Brother Markus has dinner handled and as always it should be fit for kings. Proper Masonic dress required.

Respectfully and Fraternally, 
W:. Glenn Scott 

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