Moon Lodge Observance

Tuesday, November 8, 2022, Blazing Star Lodge held its “first-ever” Moon Lodge Observance meeting. First-ever could be incorrect because of the history of Blazing Star Lodge #294.

To honor and promote New York State’s last remaining true Moon Lodge Warren Lodge #32, the Brothers of Blazing Star opened, conducted business, and closed by lantern light. This was truly a unique and powerful experience. The evening started with a pre-opening ritual-inspired exchange of Light which shows how, as Masons, we share our Light and grow stronger with each time we share. This immediately flowed into the traditional opening. W:. Paterek presented a paper on Warren Lodge #32 and how Blazing Star most likely has its roots as a Moon Lodge. All Brothers present requested that the houselights remain off for the duration of business. Modern LED lanterns made this easy.

The Brothers who attended were blown away by the experience.  You had to be there to enjoy it.  If you missed it do not worry because it is certain that Blazing Star Lodge will continue the Moon Lodge tradition at least yearly.   All visitors requested more information on Warren Lodge’s Midnight Rider opportunity.

Moon Lodge Brothers

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