Brober..? Brothers Sharing Rides

I want to introduce a “service?” or “privilege?” to Brethren in Western New York. We are calling it Brober or simply Brothers Sharing Rides. Just give us a call, text, email, or contact us and someone will make every attempt to come to your home and pick you up for Lodge. We will also return you home when Lodge and Fellowship are complete. This service costs nothing and is available to any Mason in good standing who wants to attend Lodge at Blazing Star Lodge in East Aurora, New York. We meet every second and fourth Tuesday of the month from September until June. Dinner starts at 6:30 pm and Lodge opens promptly at 7:30 pm. We enjoy Fellowship until varying hours of the evening.

This is not something new, Brothers shared rides since saddling up on horses. We want to make sure that every Brother is aware that we have committed Brothers that have time, are ready, and want to share the ride with a Brother to and from Lodge.

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