Lodge Night – February 12, 2019

Stated Communication
.: Moving Up Night & Valentine’s
Night :.
Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Our last communication was a good one. We had Brother Todd Paterek spread Masonic knowledge with a breakdown and explanation of the Entered Apprentice Masonic prayer. He did a really nice job with his presentation. We also had two visitors and Brother Ken led us on a walk about the Lodge explaining the Masonic relevance to stations and places and talking about our symbols and related items. It was a very informative evening.

The next night we hosted a get together of prospective candidates and several petitions went to good homes. We hope to get some of those back soon.

Our next communication is “Moving Up Night”. If you want to see how a chair may fit into your future this is the time to give it a try. You don’t need to be proficient on the ritual we will get you through it. It is usually a good night to see just how the officers feel in their stations.

I also have it as a “Valentine’s Night”. Your wives and significant others are invited to dinner and to hang out while we have our meeting and will regroup downstairs we close Lodge. This is up to you and your Lady.

Our communication for February 26th is changed. Brother Bradley suffered a stroke and had to step down from his presentation so we are going to do a First Degree this night. We have one candidate who is already fitting into the Lodge during dinner and other social gatherings. This candidate is enjoying the benefits of The NorthStar Project and is eager to start working in the quarries. Maybe we will have a few petitions to read in Lodge this Tuesday as well.

Looking forward to seeing everyone, until then take care.

Respectfully and Fraternally,
W:. Glenn

Amity Meeting Code: V4ALVL
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