Stone Soup – Historic Grain Elevators @ Silo City

Stone Soup @ Silo City

Our Brothers from the Ronald J. Keel Fellowcraft Club are hosting a Stone Soup Volunteer Event April 18, 2015 at the Historic Grain Elevators at Silo City.  “All Lodges, Concordant Bodies, Youth and Women’s Organizations from our Masoic Family of Erie County are encouraged to help” – And join in with the fun!

Please see the below flyer for additional information.  If you want to volunteer please contact Bro. John, or Bro. Mark on the flyer or fill out the below form.

Stone Soup @ Silo City

Fellowcraft Club Meeting

Alton's LogoBrethren:

The Fellowcraft Club will be meeting this Saturday at 9am. We changed the location for this meeting.  We will be meeting at Altons restaurant at Transit and Rt16. We have a few items to discuss plus the usual jokes, story telling, and whatever else may come up. The August 15th KYCH steak bake fundraiser, Lodge picnic, and Toyfest are the items for discussion.

Come out for breakfast and enjoy some fellowship with your Brethren.


Not So Surprise Party Photos


The Fellowcraft Club provided dinner for Jean Olivieri’s birthday party on 4/26. The dinner went very well and we were treated as guests during the dinner. We provided dinner for 31 guests. After all the bills were paid, we made $165.00 for the scholarship fund, and we all had a good time doing it. We are a little bit over 75% to having the 2015 scholarship fund completed.

Thanks to Wor Russ Barber and Donna who did all of the food shopping and preparation of the chicken for cooking. They also helped Jean and Tony set up the lodge room on Friday night.

Thanks to those who helped getting dinner ready and for the clean up after dinner, Wor’s Russ Barber and Dave Cammarano, Brothers – DSA John Evans, Jim Scottland, Glenn Capron, and Mike Thomas.

Thank you

Wor John Markuse

Photos courtesy of Brother Glenn Capron.

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