Public Installation of Officers 2015-2016

Blazing Star LodgeBrethren:
Our next communication this Tuesday 5/26 will bethe installation of officers for 2015-2016. Please show your support for our incoming Master, Bro JimAndruczyk and the entire line of officers. These new officers havemade a commitment to guide our great lodge into the future and it is up to all of us to show appreciation for the commitment they have made. This is a public installation so wives, girlfriends and guests (especially prospective brothers) are welcome. If you plan to bring someone for dinner, let myself or W:. Russ know so dinnercan be plannedaccordingly. Hope to see you there.Officers in tuxedos if you have them. If not, normal lodge attire.

Dinner at 6:30

Here is a list of Blazing Star Officers for the ensuing year.

Master – Bro. James Andruczyk
SW – W:. Russell J. Barber
JW – Bro. Glenn S. Capron
Treasurer – Bro. Dave Thomason
Secretary – W:. David T. Breth
Chaplin – Bro. Maurice T. Janeczko
SD – Bro. Todd Paterek
JD – Bro. Michael Weiss
SMC – Bro. Kirk Rhodes
JMC – Bro. Mike Thomas
Steward – Bro. Ron Straitiff
Steward – Bro. Steven Jaworski
Marshall – Bro. Jim Scotland
Tyler – Bro. Matt Creps


1 year – Bro. John Evans
2 year – W:. George Sleeper
3 year – W:. Dave F. Cammarano
4 year – W:. Richard G. Mann
5 year – W:. John Markuse Jr

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