Old-Timers Night Update

Barn Lodge


Barn LodgeOur next communication June 9th will be our annual Old-Timers Night.  This year we are bringing the Barn to the Lodge and promise that it will be no less enjoyable.  As always this is an open invitation to any Mason, so get the word out.  Therefore, please join us at Blazing Star Lodge, 645 Main Street, East Aurora on June 9th.  We will gather around 6:30 pm with the meeting at 7:30 pm and a fun evening to follow.  Help to welcome our new officers in their first official communication in their new roles.

Dress for this occasion is Casual.


Visit the event page here to read more of let us know you are coming.  Old-Timers Night

Public Installation of Officers 2015-2016

Blazing Star Lodge
Blazing Star LodgeBrethren:
Our next communication this Tuesday 5/26 will bethe installation of officers for 2015-2016. Please show your support for our incoming Master, Bro JimAndruczyk and the entire line of officers. These new officers havemade a commitment to guide our great lodge into the future and it is up to all of us to show appreciation for the commitment they have made. This is a public installation so wives, girlfriends and guests (especially prospective brothers) are welcome. If you plan to bring someone for dinner, let myself or W:. Russ know so dinnercan be plannedaccordingly. Hope to see you there.Officers in tuxedos if you have them. If not, normal lodge attire.

Dinner at 6:30

Here is a list of Blazing Star Officers for the ensuing year.

Master – Bro. James Andruczyk
SW – W:. Russell J. Barber
JW – Bro. Glenn S. Capron
Treasurer – Bro. Dave Thomason
Secretary – W:. David T. Breth
Chaplin – Bro. Maurice T. Janeczko
SD – Bro. Todd Paterek
JD – Bro. Michael Weiss
SMC – Bro. Kirk Rhodes
JMC – Bro. Mike Thomas
Steward – Bro. Ron Straitiff
Steward – Bro. Steven Jaworski
Marshall – Bro. Jim Scotland
Tyler – Bro. Matt Creps


1 year – Bro. John Evans
2 year – W:. George Sleeper
3 year – W:. Dave F. Cammarano
4 year – W:. Richard G. Mann
5 year – W:. John Markuse Jr