Staying Safe; Still Gathering & Learning

It has been a while since we last communicated. Grand Lodge is and had been busy. Masonry doesn’t stop. I hope all of you are well and trying to maintain as much of a “normal” life as you can. We had a Zoom meeting which, while few attended, was a boost seeing and speaking to the Brothers as we have not and for now are not able to assemble. I have Brother Paterek looking onto scheduling a regular Zoom meeting on the First and Third Tuesdays of the month. This is so we do not conflict with the District meetings hosted on our usual Second and Fourth Tuesdays. This will allow us to connect more often and more consistently even if remotely.  Please make every effort to attend either through Zoom or dial in using a standard phone. If you need help please contact Brother Paterek for assistance.

There is an online NorthStar training class coming up. Many of you had expressed interest in receiving this class so now curled up at home would be a good time to take the class. Three general classes are scheduled for Saturday’s Noon until 3:00 pm. This might be difficult as Saturdays are often family time. Brother Menegon agreed to host a Blazing Star only NorthStar training class. Details on this are coming soon.

Camp Turk is not going to have any youth campers this season, but the camp is open to all Masons and available for camping rental, either a cabin or bring your own RV. If any of you Brothers want to make a trip out of it as a Blazing Star gathering later this summer I would be all in favor of that. Click here for a Camping Registration Form. 

If you need anything please don’t be afraid to reach out to your Brothers or contact us through the website. We are all in this together. Stay safe, healthy, and blessed as we travel this path set before us. Keep communications going, help out where, and if you can. Keep Masonry alive and have it thrive. We are all Masons in our hearts, so let us demonstrate that in our actions also.   

W:. Capron

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Masonry Does Not Stop

It hasn’t come down from Grand Lodge as of yet, however, we need to protect our membership as it comprises some of the high-risk populations (the elderly and those with underlying health issues), and given the uncertainty surrounding of those who contracted the virus and have yet to be diagnosed, I feel that out of an abundance of caution we should cancel Lodge communications until the second Tuesday of April (4/28/2020). This can be re-assessed as events unfold, this is a prudent course of action. Many other Lodges and concordant bodies have canceled meetings and gatherings due to this outbreak. The W:.M:. of Palmer Lodge emailed me and said the Grand Lodge of Canada has suspended all Masonic activities indefinitely. There is a list of cancellations in the Erie district newsletter.

The M:.W:. Grand Master has sent out many communications concerning the virus and measures to be taken to help curtail the spread of this. I have attached some of his guidance.: “Does this affect Masonry? While it may affect some of our assembly’s, Masonry still continues. Common sense must prevail with Hand Washing, Cough/Sneeze in sleeve/tissue, etc. We are all aware of the preventative measures each of us must take which will enhance our ability to work through this situation.

I am in constant contact with those in your Grand Line who possess the expertise needed in this particular situation. As of this communication, all Lodges are given the option of hand contact or no hand contact at our meetings. Initiation Hand Contact should be followed by Hand Sanitizing. “No Handshake” environments should be encouraged.” My apologies go out to Bro. Dolgos as he has been extremely patient and was awaiting his second degree. He will be an excellent Master Mason. 


Our next communication on Tuesday, April 28th is our annual steak bake and trash to treasure auction. Our Treasurer, Secretary, and Trustees will present their annual reports. Additionally, we have a petitioner to be balloted on.  All Brothers are welcome to join us. Please let us know if you are coming so we can have enough food to go around.

This event will put a lot of strain on charitable organizations such as food pantries and community outreach programs. Brothers of the Bread will suffer also. With no out of date bread or any bread for that matter in stores, there will be none collected from stores for redistribution. I don’t know if the bakeries will help out at this time or if they have the capacity.  In times like this, we as Masons need to ensure our Brothers are ok and have what they need. It is part of our obligation.  If any Brother needs something please reach out to the Brotherhood and we will do what we can to help accommodate.  No one is exempt from this. I hope everyone has what they need and are safe and comfortable.  

“Masonry does not stop. Sometimes meetings are postponed. But Masonry does not stop.” M;.W. William Sardone.

W:. Capron

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